Whether you are an intermediate or an advanced Italian speaker, I can lead you to mastery of your target language.
At this level, my approach won’t only be based on grammar but rather on the development of a sensitivity for subtleties.
The contemporary habit of reading silently made us almost forget that languages are largely a matter of sound and prosody.
But my studies and observations lead me to the conclusion that sharpening our listening skills, reading aloud, producing spoken and written content are far more important than memorizing rules. 
In order words, if we want an unfamiliar language to become a second nature, we shall internalize the rhythm of spoken sentences, pauses included. If our objective is speaking and writing like an educated native would, there are endless interesting things to do besides dryly studying theory.
So – even if intellectual knowledge is great – I would also like to show you the way beyond grammar, by teaching you how to actually perceive the inner logic and the music of the Italian language.
Are you ready for a transformative journey?  

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